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City Surrey
Title Pipeline Right of Way Inspector
Posting Status Open
Position Overview This position interacts with FortisBC, our contractors, consultants, property owners and the general public with respect to proactively preventing damage to FortisBC pipelines. This position inspects pipelines and rights of way to ensure public and worker safety, pipeline integrity and long term pipeline reliability.
  1. Ensures adherence to permit requirements and safety regulations for approved, permitted pipeline crossings by inspecting work within the right of way and any third party work around FortisBC pipelines including;
    1. directing contractors and equipment operators for excavation around pipelines;
    2. determining the effect of excavation activity on public safety, system integrity and reliability;
    3. documenting excavation and inspection activities (e.g. pipeline and coating inspection reports) and working conditions;
    4. preparing and enforcing stop work orders related to unauthorized work around pipelines and within transmission and intermediate pressure rights of way.
  2. Explains and enforces code compliance and company standards for all permitted work within pipeline rights of way and any non-permitted work in proximity to any gas pipeline.
  3. Explains FortisBC inspection requirements and applicable pipeline acts and codes at pre-construction meetings.
  4. Explains overtime provisions with outside contractors and reviews resulting overtime charges.
  5. Assists the right of way representatives with on-site evaluations of: pipelines, the right of way environment, boundaries, soil conditions, encroachment abatement, and vegetation management.
  6. Explains right of way conditions to land owners, FortisBC employees and excavation contractors during public and external awareness programs, such as the “Call Before You Dig” program.
  7. Locates pipelines and conducts depth of cover surveys.
  8. Performs checks of wrapped pipe and operates a “holiday” detector. Performs wrapping repairs as necessary.
  9. Responds to pipeline patrol reports of unauthorized activity within and around the pipeline right of way.
  10. Determines the status and condition of alive or abandoned distribution mains.
  11. Inspects blasting operations in the vicinity of FortisBC pipelines and issues a stop work order if there is a risk to FortisBC pipelines or the public.
  12. Prepares and issues field permits for crossings of transmission and intermediate pressure pipelines.
  13. Provides direction to public, contractors, and emergency response personnel in the event of a pipeline emergency, to ensure public safety.
  14. Performs duties of a minor nature related to the above including operation of a vehicle.
  1. Completion of recognized post-secondary technician certificate, preferably in civil engineering technology or petroleum technology.
  2. Eligible for registration at the technician’s level (C. Tech.) by the Applied Sciences Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia.
  3. Sound verbal communications and interpersonal skills.
  4. Sound analytical, organizational and written communications skills including the ability to correct spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors as required to prepare and compose a variety of external and internal correspondence and process inquiries.
  5. Courteous, professional manner.
  6. Demonstrated ability to operate mechanical and electrical testing equipment.
  7. Basic knowledge of computer systems operations, environment and peripherals. Working knowledge of data processing, spreadsheet, engineering and specialized software in use in the department.
  8. Three (3) years directly related relevant utility construction experience.
  9. Valid British Columbia Driver’s license.
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