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City Vancouver
State/Province British Columbia [BC]
Position Title Natural Product Chemist
Overview ZAG Group is a high-growth, high-energy company of big thinkers and big doers. We're long-range innovators who see where markets are going and create new product categories that become the next big wave. Through our expanding international network of sales and distribution, we're building a team to take innovative new products to the global market.

At ZAG Group, our purpose is “...innovating to enhance the way people experience and enjoy their lives”. An entrepreneurial and privately held business, we run multiple business units and brands ranging from natural pharmaceuticals to functional beverages.

After 13 years of success, ZAG Group is poised to revolutionize the beverage industry with the introduction of a number of highly innovative products in some very large markets. With significant internally funded growth three years in a row, our plans include the raising of strategic capital, tripling of staff count, and expanding our global reach.

Our plan is to rapidly develop our brands, grow revenue, reach past 100M, and eventually, sell one or more of our brands for a high exit value.
Responsibilities We are currently hiring a Natural Product Chemist for our Vancouver, Canada office. Lots of challenge, lots of innovation and lots of fun, in the role you will be responsible for pioneering work on a number of novel plants. Working in our small team, your intelligence, creativity and ability to learn independently will be highly valued.

While most of our work focuses on the identification, analysis and isolation of plant activities in a production and manufacturing environment, the majority of your work will be in our Canadian headquarters (a business office) overseeing, coordinating and occasionally visiting our various external labs and research partners. The various projects we conduct will require strong knowledge of natural product chemistry and business, and a general knowledge of many types of life sciences including organic synthesis, pharmacology, biochemistry, and botany. Knowledge of these sciences will be a strong asset as you will be required to locate and manage professionals in these areas. That being said, intelligence and an ability to learn independently will compensate for experience.

Working with the other members of the product research and development team, you will be responsible for developing project methodologies and problems solving in many aspects of new and existing projects. Work will include:

• Visiting our production facilities and research partners to supervise laboratory operations, oversee production methods and trouble shoot issues related to scale up.
• Reviewing research on new and existing plants and developing new project ideas.
• Collaborating with other team members to over come a wide variety of science related, analytical problems.
• Analyzing lab data to develop new approaches to old problems and troubleshoot issues.
• Locating, selecting, negotiating with and managing subjects matter experts and external partners in various scientific areas.
• Cost modeling and budgeting for new products, projects and outsourcing initiatives.
• Developing or validating analytical methods
• Reverse engineering competitor products and formulations.
• Documenting R&D initiatives and conducting IRAP / SRED quarterly and annual filings.
• Strategic planning with the entrepreneur / CEO and management team on business plans.

Requirements • First and foremost, you have a intense passion for Science and the diversity and magic of the natural world
• You are highly intelligent (math, logic, problem solving, etc.) and love problem solving.
• You have a track record of working well with and possibly leading teams
• You have a strong ability to put abstract concepts into concrete perspectives and can process data mined for novel insight
• You possess strong research skills including finding technical publications on/offline and enjoy reading
• A post-secondary degree in a related scientific or mathematical discipline, preferably Natural Product Chemistry
• At least two years successful experience in a role involving a significant amount of analysis
• At least one year successful experience in the business world, preferably in a project manager role

Other “Plus’s” include

• Access and Excel proficiency
• Experience designing complex databases using the Entity Relationship Model a plus
• Significant experience with Analytical / Bio / Synthesis Chemistry, Medical Sciences or Botany
Perks The salary for this position is based on experience and abilities. We also offer great medical and dental benefits, along with a comfortable and fun working environment.