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City Philadelphia
State Pennsylvania [PA]
Job Title Mixer Operator
Job ID PH-2012-109
Position Summary
Purpose:  Ensure proper preparation of doughs according to formula and scheduled standards.  Position requires demonstration of competency for all on-the-job activities that may have a direct or indirect affect on product safety, legality and/or quality.
Essential Functions:  Ensures consistency on all doughs by proper scaling and time and temperature control according to production standards.  Maintains schedule by getting dough mixed efficiently and to dividers on time in order to maintain production flow.  Maintains record of temperature of dough mixing times and other required data.  Maintains cleanliness of work area(s).  Practices and complies with all company policies and procedures including safety and work rules, etc. Performs other duties as directed by supervision.  Ensures compliance with all company policies and procedures (EEO, Sexual Harassment, Safety, Sarbanes Oxley, etc.)  Performance of other duties which are deemed by management to be an integral part of the job, including but not limited to fulfillment of work schedules, adherence to atten-dance policies, and other applicable operating rules, policies and procedures.  Must meet/maintain Center for Disease Control Food handling requirements and other governmental and/or customer requirements.  Must have ability to wear/use approved applicable safety equipment (when required).
Non-Essential Functions: Other duties as assigned.
License:  None required
Physical Requirements:  Physical ability to stand for a minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 16 hours as applicable on a daily basis.  Ability to routinely stoop, bend and lift approximately 50 lbs. of ingredients to approximately 36 inches high table and from table to mixer approximately 54 inches high.
Sensory:  Hearing, vision, comprehend and practice necessary safety procedures, signs, etc.
Communication:  Ability to read or hear, comprehend and practice necessary safety procedures, work schedules and written supervisory instructions.  Ability to read and comprehend production schedules, pro-duction standards and accurately record production in-formation.

Experience/Qualifications Education & Experience:  No educational prerequisite; however must have demonstrated ability to read, comprehend and record necessary information applicable to job.  One or more years of production experience as a helper, six months basic knowledge of mixer procedures and mixer operator preferred.
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