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City Philadelphia
State Pennsylvania [PA]
Job Title Forklift Operator
Job ID PH-2012-122
Position Summary Purpose:  Movement of product, raw materials, equipment, supplies, etc. as needed. Position requires demonstration of competency for all on-the-job activities that may have a direct or indirect affect on product safety, legality and/or quality.
Essential Functions:  Performs safe operation of forklift in the movement of goods, products, supplies, etc. from one point to another within required standards. Must possess and maintain a valid license to operate forklift equipment.  Practices and complies with all Company policies and procedures including safety and work rules, etc. Maintains cleanliness of work area.  Performs other duties as directed by supervision. Performance of other duties which are deemed by management to be an integral part of the job, including but not limited to fulfillment of work schedules, adherence to attendance policies, and other applicable operating rules, policies and procedures.
Communication Skills:  Ability to read, comprehend and practice necessary safety procedures, signs, etc.
Physical Requirements:  Ability to climb onto/off of a forklift.  Ability to sit for 8 to 16 hours.  Ability to move through plant.  Ability to distinguish color coded containers, labels and signs.  Ability to hear audible warning alarms.
Experience/Qualifications Education & Experience:  One or more years of forklift operation. No educational prerequisite; however must have demonstrated ability to read, comprehend and record information applicable to the job.
Date Added 11/6/2012
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