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Title Carpenters
You are most likely looking for Carpenters for ICT or up North.  Either way it's Industrial carpentry.  That means rough carpentry, bull work.  Guys need to be in good shape, and will undoubtedly need to pass a drug test so make sure that's not going to be a problem.  If going up North, ask about criminal background - explaining that a having a record won't necessarily eliminate them, but talking about what the client is looking for as far as honesty, etc.  ICT doesn't need a criminal check, just drug test.  Make sure you know what ICT needs for safety tickets and see if the guys have them.  Get copies.  We want to know if they've done residential, commercial or industrial.  We want to check references and know they've been in environments with set hours, and early mornings and that they will be reliable and act safely.  They need to understand the environment to which we're hiring.  Is it a dry camp?  For ICT, there is low ceiling clearance in the towers, it's damp and outdoor work.  They may be in town on a 4x10 schedule with ICT or out of town with hotels and LOA.  If up North, likely 2/2 12 hour days.
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