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Title General Manager
Job ID 027-845-13
Facility Name Maple Ridge Seniors Village (MRSV)
City Maple Ridge
Job Category Facility Management [General Managers][Departmental Managers]
Job Status Full Time Regular
Shift Day
Position Summary Responsible to the Regional Director, the General Manager is accountable for all aspects of facility operation. The General Manager plans, organizes, and controls all management and clinical programs and activities.

1. Organizational Management and General Administration:
▪ Interprets the philosophy and goals of the facility in order to provide staff with adequate information to select appropriate objectives to attain the goals.
▪ Sets an example of good resident relations and care for staff by demonstrating desired supervisory techniques, communication, and resident and family interaction.
▪ Coordinates departmental activities to assure departments work together toward the achievement of goals and activities by developing an information and communication system between departments that keeps them informed and ensures the General Manager will be informed of their activities.
▪ Communicates with staff to solve problems through the selection of the appropriate communication techniques: staff meetings, department head meetings, counseling, and coordination of written information.
▪ Establishes and maintains programs that enhance relationships among residents, tenants, their families, the facility and their community.
2. Resident/Tenant Care:
▪ Coordinates the development and evaluation, with the health care team, of resident care goals and policies in order to assure that adequate resources, environments, and services are provided to the residents and tenants.
▪ Meets regularly with the team members to assure highest practicable care is being delivered.
▪ Recruits a qualified medical director and develops a professional relationship with the medical director that ensures a well-planned and implemented medical care program.
▪ Ensures that staff make appropriate discharge decisions, that services are in place to assure the discharged resident’s success at home, and that the facility does not incur liability in the discharge or transfer to another level of care.
▪ In cooperation with the medical director, maintains strong relationships with community medical practitioners including attending physicians and physician extenders.
▪ Promotes communication between facility staff and the residents in order to assure a caring environment with appropriate nursing and psychosocial services.
▪ Develops program to assure staff adherence to Residents’ Bill of Rights.
3. Personnel Management:
▪ Assures adherence to established personnel policies and procedures.

1. Organizational Management and General Administration:
▪ Delegates responsibility and authority to appropriate staff in order to carry out the work of the facility.
▪ Improves information and personal administrative skills through professional development activities in order to direct effectively and efficiently the operations of the facility to assure clinically competent, quality care.
2. Resident Care:
▪ Ensures quality resident care through planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing services to maintain maximum health potential: social services to meet psychological and social needs and rights; dietary services to meet nutritional requirements and needs; medical services to ensure appropriate medical care; activities to meet the social recreational and therapeutic recreational needs; clinical records program to ensure continuity of care, pharmaceutical program to support appropriate medical care; and rehabilitation services that will maintain and/or maximize potential of residents; auxiliary services to enhance quality of life for residents; environmental services to provide a pleasing environment; and satisfaction index surveys to evaluate quality of care and quality of life.
▪ Monitors all resident care indicators through the Care Management software program
▪ Obtains and coordinates consultant services as needed for total care (dental, speech and hearing, pharmacist, OT, PT, mental health, etc.) by assessing the needs of residents and arranging services of consultants.

▪ Maintains a safe environment for clients/family unit and staff, through
(a) accident prevention,
(b) knowledge of emergency procedures and regulations,
(c) using skills, physical facilities, supplies and equipment safely and appropriately, and
(d) utilizing infection control procedures.
3. Financial Management:
▪ Evaluates the implication of budget on the quality of care.
4. Regulatory Management/Governance:
▪ Monitors medical reporting, staffing, and procedures in order to assure compliance with regulations and quality care.
▪ Evaluates staff work procedures and policies to assure compliance with municipal and provincial regulations.
▪ Provides management reports to facilitate decision-making by the governing body.


1. Resident Care:
▪ Recruits, hires, and provides ongoing education for a health care team in order to assure quality care of the long-term care resident.
2. Personnel Management:
▪ Promotes productivity and good morale among personnel to assure quality of life and care for residents by providing motivation, a good working environment, and recognition for quality of work.
▪ Creates a positive atmosphere for communication between management and employees through receptive management and the use of various media.
▪ Establishes clear lines of authority and responsibility within the staff in order to assure understanding and production of quality work and the methods for its accomplishment.
▪ Recruits and hires qualified supervisors to meet the requirements of their position by identifying, and hiring the person who most closely meets the requirements.
▪ Plans, implements, and evaluates an orientation program to facilitate adjustment of employees to the organization and the job through appropriate educational methodology.
3. Environmental Management:
▪ Plans, implements and evaluates a safety plan that ensures the health, welfare, and safety of residents, staff, and visitors.

▪ Plans, implements, and evaluates employee health, safety, and educational programs that minimize the facility’s exposure to liability.


1. Organizational Management and General Administration:
▪ Develops long and short-range objectives in order to assure that resident care is maintained and improved through facility programs, policies, and procedures.
▪ Evaluates the quality of resident care, resident rights, and the efficiency of services in order to maintain care standards by reviewing the achievement or non-achievement of the facility’s goals, objectives, resident care plans, and effectiveness of management policy and procedures.
▪ Ensures that the facility complies with municipal and provincial laws and regulations to meet standards of quality resident care.
▪ Maintains a safe and productive working environment for staff in order to provide quality care through the use of continuous quality improvement, allocation of resources for facility maintenance and construction, and periodic evaluations of staff morale and productivity.
▪ Establishes and maintains community relationships that enhance the image and services of the facility in the community by providing outreach services and information to the community.
▪ Seeks to maintain clinical preparation of the facility at an optimum level in order to assure adequate financial resources by applying marketing and outreach techniques, knowing financial requirements of the facility, and delivering quality resident care at a reasonable cost.
2. Resident Care:
▪ Develops facility standards for resident care by identifying those factors that affect care, as well as variables within each factor that can be adjusted and evaluated.
3. Financial Management:
▪ Coordinates the development of a budget that assures allocation of fiscal resources to meet regulatory requirements and provides quality services at a reasonable cost.
▪ Implements the financial goals of the governing body into management plans and budgets to achieve these goals by selecting appropriate objectives such as facility size, growth, structure, care and services, staffing, etc., to meet these goals.
  • University graduate in Hospital or Business Administration or a suitable combination of education and experience. 
  • Minimum five years experience in Health Care Management.
  • Minimum three years experience in management of Geriatric Care Services.
  • Previous financial management experience.
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