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City / Ville Edmonton
Province Alberta [AB]
Title / Titre Intermediate Web Developer
Job ID 12940
Position Overview
Start Date: January 21, 2013

End Date: March 31, 2013 (with the option of up to a one year extension until March 31, 2014, on the same terms and conditions including pricing, at the discretion of the client)
Project Description 
This project is to update the client's website to provide accurate information and provide both users and the client more value per user visit to the site.
The Contractor will collaborate with Court Services Information Technology team to:
  • renovate the existing two websites, merging the two into one functional site;
  • updating all the website information and posting new information/forms and user guides, refreshing the site’s content and functionality;
  • providing basic interactive website features including:
    • Decision-tree Q and A’s;
    • Interactive Provincial Map;
    • Site search capability; and
    • Advanced site feedback options.
The content to be provided for this project will be MS Word for the web page content and the Adobe PDF’s for desired forms. The revamped site will provide the most recent accurate information; increase the overall functionality of the site; and provide an online service quality feedback loop which had not been available before.
The new site will be integrated into an existing Content Management System (CMS) using an existing design (prescribed Alberta Courts design template) defined by Cascading Sheet Style (CSS) and HyperText Markup Language (HTML) code. Any new server-side functionality will be expected to be done in Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) and should be portable to either a Windows or Linux based server environment.
The successful Contractor, in co-operation with the client’s web architect, should develop the search functionality to operate through the existing Google Search Appliance.
Any new dynamic content or interactive feature should use HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and PHP; and not require a specific browser or software.
All newly developed content (code) will be done on infrastructure outside of the Court Services Information Technology (CST) equipment. The Contractor should schedule deliverables for uploading and testing by the client on CST equipment web servers for both form and functionality.
Upon submission of each portion of the deliverables, the client will test and review the product in the testing environment within 5 Business Days. Upon receipt of the results of the testing, the Contractor shall have 5 Business Days to make any changes noted and return for sign off.
Services Description
The successful Contractor shall:
  • primarily work off-site at a location of their choice and at their own expense including facility, workspace and communication resources, e.g. parking, email, phone, computer, etc.
  • seek advice from the Court Services Information Technology about the technical parameters for the site;
  • consult with the client's Project Team about site content and feature expectations;
  • develop a product that fits both technical parameters and showcases created content according to expectation;
  • submit weekly progress reports to the client’s Project Manager;
  • attend any meetings called by client's Project Manager;
  • submit draft/demonstration versions of the product to the client’s Project Manager, and revise as requested;
  • work with Court Services Information Technology and/or the client’s Project Manager to finalize the product;
  • deliver the completed product to specifications.
Working sessions may occur by telephone, video conference or in-person. All in-person meetings or working sessions will be in Edmonton. No travel is anticipated outside of Edmonton, however, should travel be required travel and living expenses will be reimbursed. Any such additional travel shall only be conducted with the client’s prior written approval and shall be in accordance with the Government of Alberta’s Travel and Subsistence Regulation.


1. Required Completion Date: 20 Business Days from start of Contract

  • The client's main page set-up; including pages for Information Services, FLIC, Family Self Help, and Parenting & Children.
  • Decision Tree
  • Provincial Map


2. Required Completion Date: 30 Business Days from start of Contract

  • Under the Family Self Help section; completion of pages for General, Spouses and Other
  • Site feedback options


3. Required Completion Date: 40 Business Days from start of Contract

  • All remaining main page headings; including Quick Links, Education Services, Intake Services, Mediation/DR Services, High-Conflict Services, Links, Glossary, Brochures and Ask a Question
  • Site search capabilities
Mandatory Requirements
  1. Experience working in a project setting (3 years)
  2. Experience working in a content management system (CMS) (3 years)
  3. Have completed at least 2 prior web development projects similar in scope to the proposed project. (Completed within the last 3 years)
  4. Experience working with HTML (3 years)
  5. Experience working with JavaScript (3 years)
  6. Experience working with cascading style script (CSS) (3 years)
  7. Experience working with Hypertext Pre-process (PHP) (3 years)
Desirable Attributes
  1. Have completed collaborative work within the public sector (1 project)
  2. Web design experience (5 years)
  3. Google Search Appliance Configuration Experience (4 years)
  4. Google Map API Experience Location based (4 years)
  5. Advanced site feedback experience (2 years)
Job Type Contract
Date Added 1/2/2013
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